Cauldron Club

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Custom Cloaks & Capes

Our ritual wear is custom made with choice of fabric and colors. Be creative. You can let your inner witch design the perfect garment of your dreams. We love to create one of a kind cloaks, capes, and robes for our treasured customers!

ScrapBook of Shadows

ScrapBook of Shadows takes the reader on a journey to create a book of shadows in a scrapbook style. Learn basics of layout & design w/ tips & tricks to be unique.

Plus over 500 Printable BOS Pages!

Pagan Style Home Decor

Pagan style home decor pieces that give your home a classy and comfortable feel that embraces pagan style. Gather your coven to your next sabbat and show off our new pentacle quilt. We take special orders  to specialize it to fit your palette/theme.

Pagan Crafts/DIY

Our craft projects will get you inspired to bring pagan style to your home in so many ways. Cross-Stitching, Embroidery, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Candlemaking and more! Put the craft back into witchcraft with our easy to follow pagan patterns.

Pampered Goddess Soaps

Pamper your inner Goddess with our line of deeply scented goat milk soaps, creamy lotions, and fizzy bath bombs. Try our new scent of the month, Apple Brown Sugar. This one smells so good your mouth will water as you lather up mounds of bubbles!

Pagan Style Gallery

Come browse our gallery of inspiration and ideas to help you get those creative energies flowing. We know you will love our collection of homes decorated with pagan style. Email us a pic of your pagan style and we'll add it to the gallery.