Pampered Goddess

Handcrafted Bath & Beauty Products

Pampered Goddess products are handcrafted including natural ingredients to soothe your skin. Each product is crafted with the finest oils and herbs to bring out the goddess in every woman and the god out of every man. Perfect for cleansing before ritual or just to prepare yourself for a hard day at the office.

Cauldron Soap

Large 4 oz Bar, $8

Cleopatra had the right idea when she chose to bathe in milk to preserve her sexy so I have included farm fresh goat's milk in this luxurious soap! Goat's milk is high in triglycerides, Vitamin A, B6, B12, & Vitamin E making it an excellent moisturizer that helps hydrate and nourish skin. This soap is excellent for sensitive skin. Don't have sensitive skin? Why not treat yourself like you do, your skin will love you for it! Choose a scent from our list and your bar will be hand sliced into a huge FOUR ounce bar which will last you for weeks!

Soaking Salts

8 oz. bag, $10

A blend of three healing salts: Epsom Salts, Dead Sea Salts, and Dendritic Salts. This combination will not only relax you with a soothing bath it will also penetrate your aching muscles to rejuvenate them. Soothing salts, oils, and moisturizing ingredients spoil your skin with deliciousness. These look great displayed in a glass jar or filling a glass bowl near your tub with a little wooden scoop!

Slather Me Lotion

8 oz Bottle, $15

Slather Me Lotions are created with the finest sunflower oil. Native Americans were the first to discover the healing properties of sunflower oil which is rich in Vitamin C, helping to moisturize and regenerate your skin. Choose our basic lotion, extra creamy body butter, or our solid Shea Butter bar. We have added Vitamin E moisture burst beads to our creamy lotion to leave your skin feeling powder soft and moisturized.

Lip Kandy Lip Balms

$7 each

I love these Lip Kandy Shea Balms! They are filled with Shea Butter to pamper your lips in moisturizing softness. Perfect for winter lips and dry, chapped kissers! Helps soothe lips to put an end to dry, cracking lips and puckers your pout with this all natural potion.

Sweetened a touch. Natural scent only.